Hey look it’s Facebook


I have a Facebook page again.


Older pastel drawing and too much SpectraFix

Guess I will be taking a little more time before posting this one up on Etsy. I was thinking of looking this one over again anyway so no great problem.

Think this is Unison and Ludwig originally. The Wallis paper buckles when it gets wet so I will need to press it under a few hardcovers for 24 hrs and see if that works.

British Mountain Valley

I did a pastel landscape drawing a few years ago of a mountain valley in England that seemed somehow familiar too me and believe that it called too me since my family has strong roots originating in Scotland and England. So I needed too revisit this theme.

Originally I did this landscape using Pastelmat as a surface so this time I wanted too try UArt which seemed too go better. Finished over a couple days and probably 18 hours.

This is an image from yesterday’s drawing and under painting.

Pastel Landscape Northern England Revisited

I used only A few Pastels too block in and start too define the basic areas of the view. Then it was time too SpectraFix the first layer of the medium too the Uart pastel paper.

Then I will begin too define the trees and shrubs with Fabre Castell pastel pencils and fix that layer too the paper. Hopefully I get too that tomorrow along with the previous pastel landscape that is being pressed dry under a pile of hardcovers.

I also pressed the below purple coneflower drawing under a pile of book s o I can resume working with it tomorrow and finish the final few layers.

I had pastel Landscape

Project fail wow. Now I have this little problem. Rolls on flour laughing. Lets turn it into an oil look alike paint using SpectraFix. Sorry UArt. Don’t worry it’s fixable. This Unison experimentation. Poor Unison pastels. I had an Etsy Shop crisis over this yesterday.

I’ll be back here tomorrow with a update photo of the outcome and any improvements I make.

Now it’s under a heavy pile of cockatiel chewed books. Cockatiels are doing great especially since they get their gourmet foods from the pet shop almost daily.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the outcome and any improvements I have too make.

The pastel landscape today

No I am since of this kind of financial ruin just too serve someone’s else’s ego. Yeah me remember Carl and get too work.

Landscape Fine Art
Unfinished Pastel on UArt Sanded pastel paper.

The Final on this Professional Soft Landscape

These last two prove that I given on Landscape. The photo is now stale and starting too do the same thing. I am only starting too Fine the will too do this. I hope that wasn’t me in the media over Art Facebook unfriending and fallowing. Maybe I will be back in few years although I do like the direction of my work which growing boring and dirty and often dark. More Earths I guess.

Was listing on Etsy however these type drawing should be NOT be sold since they are not good enough. More practice however I had anxiety attack again….

Bye bye Etsy and online selling platforms for now. I finding that UArt takes no abuse how seems too be handling to two part solution of fixative and some alcohol.

Soft Pastel large Gold Tree


Unison Pastels on used Pastel Paper

Pastel ruined while trying too edit a problem. or is it ruined.

Thinking back too my ancient Uni days…. half the teaching was about survival of the fittest and I wasn’t one of the chosen for success and had too work at slave labour wage aka min wage for years and is the reason why I had a bad surgery done that made mostly incapable too work or have a social life. Login confusion and Facebook caused more then I could deal with so no more of that awhile. I am still trying too get my table back. Feeling undone again. I intentionally gave up when we were playing Facebook friending and defriending game. As I get older I no longer care if I play a fool on social media and all game. I’m turning into a AI nowadays. It’s raining so no weeding.

I’m no longer part of Toronto Art scene never was. Not Haldimand was never asked. So I grow independently. Work ahead.

Pastel Drawing of a Waterfall

I started this pastel drawing a few years ago and was never happy with it and I decided too elaborate on it. I wanted too keep the colours darker since rocks are darker when they are wet. I have also been trying crossing mark making style too bring more dynamic qualities too my work.

Waterfall Pastel 9×12
My sign can be seen in the lower right corner.
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